The Online Privacy Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation made up of volunteers whose mission, through topical research, is to empower individuals to make informed choices about how they use social media and interact online. Previous research by the Online Privacy Foundation has been presented at world leading conferences for Psychology, Machine Learning and Computer Security.

The Online Privacy Foundation is a non-political organization and the research does not express an opinion on behalf of the Online Privacy Foundation.

The Online Privacy Foundation received no funding for these surveys and are not affiliated with any EU Referendum campaign.


Every OPF volunteer is committed to upholding our Charter.

The Online Privacy Foundation Charter

The Foundation will:

(1)         encourage people to use the internet as a place where they can maximise their welfare and freedom, but where risks associated with personal information should be understood and managed.

(2)         help private citizens understand internet privacy and security issues, with a focus on reaching non-expert audiences.

(3)         work independently for the benefit of private citizens, but may form partnerships with other organisations, public, private and educational, if this can help us achieve our goals and does not compromise our Charter.

(4)         not make profits, but seek resources to invest in achieving our goals as long as this does not compromise our Charter.

(5)         work within the law, yet to seek to change it where we feel there is a clear case that the welfare or right to privacy of individuals are under threat due to the current regulatory environment.

(6)         operate with transparency but with complete respect for the confidentiality of any personal information we may deal with, including applying the highest standards possible in the protection of personal data.

(7)         treat people with respect and value the diversity of the Online Privacy Foundation team and the communities in which we work, including using the energies and expertise within our communities to deliver our goals.

(8)         Seek to encourage the personal development of others in the OPF team.


You can  find out more about us here.

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